Choosing where to play sports in Singapore

On Site Amenities


All pitches have access to clean drinking water. In the Central area between the CFD & Grass Pitch, there are vending machines where you can purchase isotonic drinks.

Shaded Spectator Areas

All pitches have shaded spectator and team areas. There are picnic tables for use under the shade on the Mini Pitches and in the Central area between the CFD & Grass Pitch.


Centaurs Sports Park has three portable toilets on site: two in the central area between the CFD & Grass Pitch, as well as one on the Mini Pitches that services the Netball courts too.

Grandstand Amenities

The Grandstand is directly opposite Centaurs Sports Park, a convenient shopping mall with amenities for our users.

Food & Beverage

The Grandstand has a variety of food and beverage options, including a cafe, Boost Juice and food court.


Hao Mart stocks food, drinks, homewares. You can buy ice for your drinks / coolboxes here.

Additional Bathrooms

There are two toilet blocks in The Grandstand.

Free Shuttle Bus

The Grandstand operates a free shuttle bus between Botanic Gardens/Sixth Ave MRT stations. Timetable available on The Grandstand’s website.